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Teresa:  I have a 4th grader who is Dyslexic. His IEP states that he should have 150 minutes of direct instruction, but he says he is not getting help. The response to my query was that the special education teacher comes to the classroom and teaches lessons in comprehension and phonics to the entire classroom. I am unsure how this fulfills his need as he does not need help in comprehension. The teacher says that while in the class, she occasionally asks him if he needs help. I was told as long as the special ed teacher is in the classroom, they are meeting the minutes required, even if they do not even interact with him. Is this true???

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Typically a student with Dyslexia needs a multi-sensory instructional program. Such programs have been found to be the most successful reading programs for students with Dyslexia. Information is available on these on the internet. He also needs an evaluation that identifies the specific reading areas that he is weak in. You can request that the school pay for an independent education evaluation (IEE) in reading. You can access information on Dyslexia & IEEs on this homepage.


Is he meeting his benchmark?or goals ? If not call for an IEP. You can ask for anything you want to be on the IEP. Make it as detailed as possible. 150 minutes of small group direct instruction. Say how many children. If they don’t agree don’t sign the IEP. If he is not making adequate yearly progress file a grievance with your state. Don’t expect them to do what is best for your kid.
That is a fine setting if it is helping him if not go to bat for him.