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Denise:  Are there any samples/examples of the way a 504 needs to be written for a dyslexic student in a private school? Student is already receiving accommodations but will be entering HS next school year. Would like current accommodations listed in 504 so it can transfer to HS. Was told a principal could write it up.

  1. You can write a draft yourself of what you’d like your child’s 504 plan to look like. You can also ask the principal to document the informal accommodations that have been provided. There has to be a 504 committee meeting to develop or modify the 504 plan for your child. You are a member of that committee! If your child does not currently have a 504 plan in place, then you’ll need to ask that your child be evaluated for 504 accommodations. The private school angle is beyond my level of knowledge, though. I’m not sure if you would address your letter requesting eval for 504 to the private school or to the appropriate public school district. (Maybe it would be a good idea to send it to both, to cover all your bases?)

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