Modifications: SDIs

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Tim:  Who is responsible for implementing Sdi’s ? For example: highlighted words or symbols on tests and homework

  1. Should IEP modifications be implemented on day one? I ordinarily take a few weeks to assess an IEP student’s capability before modifying. I have seen many cases where a classified student will succeed in class (pulling an “A” or “B”) without modifications. This has recently come into question, however, in my school.

    • If the child is making an A or B without modifications then the IEP needs to be amended and those modifications removed.

  2. By Special Education Law who is mostly responsible for making testing modifications for I.E.P. students? What is the hierarchy in regards to who makes the accommodations/modifications for the IEP students? The Special Education teacher made modifications to a Spelling list. The regular education teacher changed the list basically overriding the modifications I made for the student without discussing it with me. The Special Education teacher would have preferred to have the student try out the modification that was put in place (by myself) to see if the student would pass the test.

  3. Tim – I think you’re asking about specially designed instruction (i.e. modifications), but the examples you’ve provided sound more like accommodations.
    Your school might do this a bit differently, but usually the general education teacher is responsible for accommodating their own classwork, assignments, etc. for the student. They may also modify their own curriculum.
    The special education teacher is usually available to help the general ed with accommodating/modifying. They will also modify and deliver content.
    The IEP Team chair is responsible for making sure this all happens. If you don’t know whose responsibility something is, this is the person to ask.

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