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Candi:  My son graduated Hartford last year. He was in Resource classes throughout school. They tested him like every three year but he stayed around the same level 6 grade or so. They never mentioned the term 504 plan. My coworker has a child that is in it in the Ft Smith area. That is how I became aware.
My question is my son would like to take some college on mechanics. He’d also like to join the Army, but he cannot pass the ASVAB. He has a problem with comphrension and math and word synonyms. How would he go about getting help for scholarship and the right classes for learning disabilities?

  1. Candi –

    I would encourage your son to contact your state’s vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency.

    The goal of VR is to help people with disabilities obtain employment. With regard to further schooling, a VR counselor may be able to help your son locate and apply to a college or training program, identify and request needed accommodations, and help obtain financial aid. In some cases, the VR agency can actually provide financial aid.

    Here’s a list of VR agencies:

    And here’s some more info about VR services:

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