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Dave:  When parents are sent and asked to fill out and return a detailed health history of the family and student (long form for initials) and a shorter health update (short form for triennials), who this information go to, who summarizes it, and who is legally qualified and eligible to enter this information/report into the Health section of the present levels?

  1. Dave –

    When used as part of an evaluation, a health history is considered an assessment material. Under IDEA, assessment material must be administered (and the results interpreted) by qualified and knowledgeable personnel. For the health history, this will likely be a school nurse. Some states even have rules that specifically place this burden on school nurses.

    Baring such rules, it could be administered by a physician or other health professional contracted by the district to do such work. The district could potentially even train a school-based allied health professional to do it.

    I suggest that you contact your state’s NASN affiliate ( or similar organization, to see what – if any – rules apply where you are.

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