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Debbie:  son evaluated in 4rd grade. IQ 138 (unusable) QAI 148, by school testing. Showed some sig. areas of concern 45/48 pt discrepancies on testing, why his IQ is unusable. Have a 504 for ADHD. The school has continually refused further eval or to re-eval. He is now in 8th grade and still falling behind, reading, writing, thinking and processing are awful. It is taking weeks to get 1 paper written. Classwork becomes homework daily. None of his 504 is actually followed and the accommodations just do not work, mainly due to teacher failure. It puts all responsibly on child to “get it done”. I requested IEE, 4 yrs later still no word and now they say cannot find request for it. ( I have all documents/emails/faxes. My son has been in and out of counseling and nothing is helping. They say it’s the lack of structure/communication and unwillingness of a parent to help his child. I’m left nowhere and my son is becoming very sad by the week. He also has anxiety, OCD and Executive function issues. He does not have insurance to get an outside evaluation done.

  1. If you’re saying there is a big difference in the scores.
    It would not be good to give a score because the low would bring the high down.
    If there is a big difference between his abilities and his gifts he should be eligible for an IEP for Specific Learning Disabilities. Ask for an independent evaluation. Do your home work.
    And find an advocate in your area.

    • This just showed up in the field. His subscores are significantly scattered. School says there is no learning disability, just the ADHD. I posted his other issues above also. I requested an IEE, but school/county refuse. His insurance will not cover it.(appeal after appeal). I have dealt in Special Ed for 22 years now. Teachers admit they don’t know about these kinds of issues.
      Update, he’s in 10th grade now, still on a 504, teachers do not feel they need to accommodate it and he needs to be responsible and handle his own stuff. I did get an outside evaluation done and it shows Autism, along with the rest I stated origanlly.School refuses to except it. He makes all A’s, 1 B. Highly gifted, plays instruments, their reasons for denying everything.

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