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Leslie:  My daughter has adhd she is in 1st grade. Her teachers say she isn’t mature enough to move to 2nd grade. I have seen a great improvement since starting meds and getting her glasses. How do I get a second opinion?

  1. Put her in private school and stop complaining about free services given to you by underpaid professionals.

    • Bradley, Two thoughts hit me after I reading your blunt comment that the parent should put their child in private school.

      First, as I’m sure you know, most parents don’t have deep pockets and can’t afford private school tuition. Second, in many / most parts of the country, good private schools are few and far between – and good private schools for kids who have complex problems are even rarer.The East Coast has more private schools. In the Mid-west and Plains states, people tend to view private schools as an insult to public schools – not conducive to starting new private programs.

  2. Leslie, We receive dozens of emails every week about retention so we made a page of info and resources about “Retention, Delays, and Social Promotion” page with helpful info here:

    Your child is in 1st grade and has been diagnosed with ADHD. I should be shocked. From your question, the teachers must not be familiar with the Position Papers and research about retention from national organizations.

    When you are dealing with a retention problem, you must educate yourself before you can advocate for the child. Download and read these Policy or Position Statements:
    Position Statement on Grade Retention and Social Promotion by the National Association of School Psychologists:

    Policy Statement on Grade Retention by the National Dropout Prevention Center

    National Assoc. of School Psychologists: Grade Retention Achievement and Mental Health Outcomes.

    “The evidence of its negative effect on students’ emotional development, social behavior, academic achievement, and dropping out continues to be overwhelming.”

    Continue to learn and make yourself an expert in this area. Your state may have a policy on grade retention. Check the website of your State Dept of Education.

    Best of luck,
    Pam Wright

  3. My little brother has ADHD and he can not help it. he is on medication for it and now has severe anxiety because his teachers yell at him.

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