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Chryssie:  My son is in 4th grade at a PA public school where Science and Social Studies is taught only ‘if’ there is time, which is close to never. The ELA and Math curriculums (books) include limited amounts of the science and social studies topics. The school’s focus is on PSSA ELA and Math prep. Is there any wording in School code/law that says public school systems (elementary schools) need to (or must) provide science and social studies instruction? If so, what are the specifics? Would FAPE include the lack of science and social studies instruction?

  1. PA does have standards for both history (Social Studies/History) & Science according to the state’s website. Here is a link for PA’s Standards https://www.pdesas.org/standard/ You can view or download the standards. Click on the lightbulb of your choice.I chose view. I was prompted to choose a grade. I chose 4th grade. Be sure to click and save. Select the subject area. I chose History. There are four history standards you can search. They are “checked for you”. You will be directed to Standard Area. Below this will be the first Standard Area. “How Government Works”. You will see GRADE LEVEL 5.3.4 & Grade 4th below. This is PA’s coding system. Scroll down to view the information. When you reach two Blue lines this indicates a new Standard.

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