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Keesha:  My 60 lb. son came home with bruises, whelps, and scratches after being put in restraints by 3 adults. The school is not acknowledging that they hurt my son. They continue to state the restraint was conducted per their training. I took pictures and took him to the doctor. Can they do this without my consent and should a restraint leave physical marks? I have asked for a new IEP to discuss a plan, but I feel alone and lost. My son doesn’t want to return to school.

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Keesha: In this post you’ll find information and resources and a link to a sample letter to request “Do Not Restrain”. Parent Request: “No Restraint” at

More articles, information, and resources here: Abuse, Restraints and Seclusion in Schools at


I have an 8 year old he only weighs 48 lbs. my son has severe adhd and anger issues but he is also the kindness and most caring kid I know, I get frequent calls to pick him up from school because he is having a melt down over a minor issue and the problem is the special education team either isolate him in what is called “a quit room” a small empty room with an opening so they can observe, the problem is he is sent there frequently rather than Deescalate the behavior. The isolation angers him and he gets worse by throwing and breaking things, when I arrive at the classroom he In this room with three adults holding a mattress in front of him rather than using calming methods, I talk to him calmly and hold him close so he feels safe and then he is fine and apologizes to his teacher.


Frequent calls to you should indicate to the staff that what they are doing is not working. The IEP team should be requesting specialists to observe him, & the staff & make recommendations. Your state parent training and information project can assist you in dealing with the school. You may need to use the dispute resolution processes.