Accommodations: LATE ASSIGNMENTS AND 504

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Treena:  HI ~ I have a high schooler that is just about to graduate, she has a 504 plan put in place due to clinical depression and insomnia. She’s missed allot of school and has rec’d excessive absence notices. Her language arts teacher won’t let her turn in assignments ,because she says she wasn’t there to turn in or its to late. with 5 weeks away she’s in jeopardy of failing this class. Can the teacher not accept assignments being to late, if the child has a 504?

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09/13/2018 11:29 pm

Many parents are complete morons when it comes to IEPs and 504 99% of the time. Most of the parents that like to complain haven’t actually read the documents. Many parents don’t spend any time checking their students homework or following up about anything until grade is posted. If a child has a 504 plan and truly needs one then, what I would suggest is understanding there’s a difference between extended time as an accommodation and not doing your work. Extended time does not mean turning in all assignments late. Most assignments that are given as homework or not open ended nor or they tuthe best policy is to understand that most teachers are educated and not only do they know how to read these documents but they are often the ones advocating for your child to get access to these services.

03/28/2019 8:40 am
Reply to  Lupe

Complete morons?? I think you are generalizing and judging inappropriately . Parents are mostly uninformed and the schools do not provide access to resources for them to educate themselves. It took me many years to learn the inns and outs of special education.

05/29/2019 11:54 pm
Reply to  Lupe

Sorry. I’m going to have to chime in here because clearly, some people don’t really know what they are talking about and need some education on the topic. Just to clarify I am a current student with ADHD and have had to struggle through these things and know the ins and outs very well in both public and private schools from hundreds of hours of research and personal experience. For starters children with ADHD have it in varying severities so it is not correct at all to generalize all children with ADHD as the same. Another things that I wouldn’t say that the parents are morons, in fact, my parents, for example, have been very involved with the school around these things and I believe that is a common thing which parents with children with ADHD have to do which takes time from their already

04/30/2020 2:34 pm
Reply to  Lupe

Lupe this hurts. Obviously, you have no idea what parents go through emotionally and mentally when dealing with their children who such accommodations. Not everyone, even when these documents are read understand what they’re reading. I get where you are coming from but you do not ever need to be this harsh in this forum. People like me come to places like this for help.

That wasn’t cool and we learned this in Kindergarten so who are you to judge.

05/03/2020 10:48 pm
Reply to  Yone

Thanks, Yone.

Sharon L.
05/02/2016 6:17 pm

It depends on what is written on the 504 plan. If there are no accommodations or modifications that account for late work, etc. it can be difficult. I think you should have a meeting with the school and see if you can get the superintendent involved. It may help. You would need to remind them how discriminatory this would be.