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Jenine:  My son is a motor impaired child (classified OHI) receives OT and PT services as well as Vision consult this year. The OT and PT are contracted through the school district and are NEVER available for meetings (including CSE meetings). Do I have the right to meet with them as a team to ensure my sons needs are being met in the classroom?

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Jill G
01/11/2016 4:41 pm

Jenine –

IDEA’s requirements regarding Team membership (and therefore Team meeting participation) are very limited. The Team must include the parent, the student, one special educator or provider, one general education teacher, and one individual who is knowledgeable about district resources and has the authority to commit them.

The Team must also include an individual who can interpret evaluation results. You and I may know that the PT can best interpret evaluations related to gross motor skills and best explain progress in related goal areas. But the school meets their legal obligation by having anyone attend meetings who can do this.

Jill G
01/11/2016 4:41 pm

Here’s some things you can do. You can ask once again – in writing – that the PT and OT attend meetings. Perhaps you can remind the school of their obligation to have someone who can interpret evaluation results and explain their implications. You don’t have a right to have these specific specific service providers there, but you can ask.

You also can ask to meet with these individuals before the meeting. Perhaps you could include this in the same letter, as an alternative.

Or you can ask that consultation between you and these providers be included in your child’s IEP, say something like 30 minutes each school term. Requests to modify the IEP are often paid more attention, so you may be more fruitful with this request.