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Tricia:  Do you have to wait for annual meeting to make changes to your child’s IEP?

Also is it not allowed to put into the IEP where your child will be attending school if it is not at the district school, does it have to say separate facility instead?

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07/20/2019 12:09 pm

We just moved to a new school district and I just registered my child. School decided they wanted to meet with me in July so that they can get a feel for my sons needs to make sure that he has the right accommodations and modifications in place. At the meeting the Special Education Director decided that I cannot make any changes to the IEP in the middle of the year. His reasoning was that then they would have to reconvene the team and the teacher would need to take time away from his class to meet. I thought that I could reconvene the team when I wanted too if I had concerns or though of any changes? Why is the Special Education Director being this way?

12/28/2018 11:29 am

I requested for an IEP meeting to address my childs needs. She has Autism and Down Syndrome. The school said what is the point she is still stupid. I told them that I had the right to ask for an IEP meeting anytime I wanted. The school responded that we don’t need to meet and her teacher did not feel like meeting with me any way. The teacher can’t stand me. Also the teacher told me that she has other students in the classroom that she has to worry about and she cannot focus on just my daughter. Please help me.

12/28/2018 7:19 pm
Reply to  Marie

Your state parent training and information center should be able to help you, if you have not already contacted them.

12/28/2018 8:22 pm
Reply to  Marie

Oh Marie, you need to file a complaint immediately. The school is being unprofessional in opinion. The fact that they say she is still stupid is outrageous. Your daughter is entitled to a FAPE and the school must provide that. I would also see about getting your daughter transferred to a new teacher who will welcome with open arms.

Jill G
01/11/2016 5:37 pm

Tricia –

You may request that your child’s IEP be amended at any time. In fact, IDEA requires that the IEP be reviewed whenever your child’s needs change or he/she fails to make expected progress (§300.324).

For minor changes to the IEP – things like updating goals or revising service amounts – an IEP amendment can be pursued. This relieves the burden of gathering the entire IEP Team to meet.

For more significant matters – things like reviewing evaluation results or changing placements – the complete Team should meet to review the entire IEP and make changes.

Jill G
01/11/2016 5:37 pm

Some states provide parents with additional leverage when requesting such early reviews, so also check with your state’s special education regulations to see what they have to say about this. Your local parent center should be able to help (

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking with your second question, but… the IEP will not usually name a specific placement – in district or out of district. Instead it will provide a description of the type of placement that would be appropriate.

01/11/2016 5:37 pm

I can only answer the first question: No, you don’t have to wait. Just write and say you’d like to meet to address your child’s needs.