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Michele:  Our district allowed us to record our IEP meeting, however not the 504 meeting. Is there a law not allowing recordings for a 504?

  1. In CA, you just need to tell them that you will be recording at least 24 hours in advance. It is your right to record an IEP/504 meeting with advance notice.

  2. In our state (OH) we just need to let the district know that we will be bringing a tape recorder to the IEP meeting. They are ok as long as they know about it in advance.

  3. Last I checked. there was not a federal law to allow recording a section 504 meeting. So it gets down to your state laws that allow (or not) recording things. In CA you need permission from both sides to record a meeting (I believe that this makes recording a section 504 meeting a District’s decision), However, there is an exception in that the CA education law specifically allows recording with 24 hours notice. I’ve not heard of this for other states. Your mileage will vary depending on your state.

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