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Vanessa:  My 10 year old son has LD he is being bullied by his teacher. I have written letter after letter, had meetings. It is verbal abuse. She continually sends child to office and accuses him of things he didn’t do. Principle refuses to do anything. What can I do? I also contacted school board with no response back? Should I go to police? I’m at a loss but he is becoming depressed and cries every morning.

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07/21/2019 6:05 pm

Please HELP!!! My son is Autistic and he is being bullied by his 6th grade teacher. She makes him sit between two coat cabinets so he is not disrupting the other kids. She marks all of his work with F’s and writes derogatory names on them. She has written him up for no reason and he gets suspeneded. I have tried meeting with her and school administration and got no where. I have been keeping a log of things my son tells me she does. School denies everything and now even the other students are defending this teacher. I am at a loss for what else to do. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

02/02/2017 8:20 pm

Yes file an abuse charge. Psychological, emotional, spiritual assault. Then call child protection and they must start an immediate investigation to answer any complaint. I don;t know what state you are in but after you file police report and get a child abuse investigation going. file a complaint alleging a Code of Ethics teachers have a licsense and they must answer charges form a violation of ethics. I am sure you will find which ethics codes they are breaking as soon as you scroll down the list. Go hard at it because they will not stop. I just went through all this and it expands and spreads quickly and turns to mobbing.

04/06/2016 10:01 am

Parent advocate Susan Bruce says gather information and documents – data. Organize the documentation, then go to the school. Here are the steps she used. When Teachers Bully at:

04/05/2016 2:52 pm

This is difficult – I know because I am similarly situated. What I have learned:
1. Document – keep a bully log and send emails to Principal when your kiddo comes home distressed.
2. Hold an IEP meeting. Give the teacher every opportunity to ask for support and let the teacher know that you will get your child the services that he/she needs to stay in class. Sometimes teachers yell out of frustration. Not looking to excuse this behavior but looking for a healthy solution – like a behavior support plan.
3. If teacher denies bullying – ask other parents. You might be surprised your child is not the only one targeted.
4. If you have done the above and the teacher continues to send child to office – well, you may have a compliance complaint for failure to follow Behavior Support Plan.

Sharon L.
04/04/2016 6:33 pm

YOu can request an IEP meeting with the teacher to hear her side of the story and bring your son along to the meeting. You may also bring a tape recorder and let the school know in advance you are doing it. Your son does not have to participate but just sit there. It will be difficult for this teacher to lie in front of him and the tape recorder. If you cannot work things out perhaps you can request that your son be in a classroom with a different teacher.

04/04/2016 1:36 pm

The district must have a policy on bullying. Read the policy to determine if the principal is following it. There should also be a policy for appealing campus decisions up the chain of command. The office of civil rights investigates complaints about bullying.