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Sospecial:  What are the teachers qualifications for each type of service delivery?
How are parents involved in the determination of LRE?
This is for a school a paper

  1. I swear I read in IDEA that a student can be in a gen ed class, even if they do not make educational gains. For kids who are a certificate track, they still want to be in art or science classes, but are told they wont get a grade, so they cannot join the class. Please help me find where it says they can join a class, even if they do not “get anything out of it, academically”. Thanks!

  2. Can you help clarify LRE as it relates to pre-k. I am being told now that our district will begin offering public pre-k that the LRE is “A regular education classroom in a [state] public school unless the child needs a more restrictive setting.” and that “Pre-K is a regular ed public school classroom.” Why then has my NAEYC accredited pgm been considered the LRE and reg ed setting for my spec educ students up until now? Doesn’t the IEP team, including parents, determines the LRE, meaning regular ed vs special ed. If the district partners w/ my pgm and assigns a couple spec ed slots, would it then be considered the LRE?

  3. I attended my daughter’s IEP meeting yesterday and we were discussing her transition into a gen ed math class next year. The school said they would give her a 2 week trial in a general education math class to see if she felt comfortable and if they transfer her they will close her IEP because she must be in a sped class to keep it. I thought that the least restrictive environment was the ideal with any IEP. Is this accurate information?

  4. Sospecial – Start your research on this page. Use the google search box on any Wrightslaw page, for hundreds of results. Use search terms like “placement” “parent rights” “LRE” and you’ll find articles like these:

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