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Frederique:  My daughter has a speech only IEP due to language impairment for CAPD; she has not received any services since December since their school SLP left and they have not replaced her yet. What should I do?

  1. This happened to my son last school year. They refused to respond to any requests I had to meet with the SLP for that school year and found out 2 months into the school year, at an IEP they had not had one at all. I was patient with them and emailed weekly to see if they had a replacement hired or someone was additionally assigned my son until so. Nothing. I filed a compliance complaint with Dept. of Ed finally. The district still did nothing, but I found a Speech and Language practice locally that agreed to do compensatory speech session. With a week left before they were out of compliance with the compliance complaint, I reached out and laid out what I had set up. They agreed to the compensatory services. I would say ask about compensatory services w/private SLP at their expense

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