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Susan:  My son was bullied most of the year. The school didn’t do much. It was a hostile environment. Kids even threw huge rocks at his forehead and he had a huge lump and scrapes on his forehead. The kids had to write an apology letter.

In mid May my son was choked by a boy that had been bullying him. I received a call that the boy said my son had been in his personal space. The school resource aide asked the boy if she was in his personal space. He said yes.

I waited for the school officer to come and he didn’t for weeks. I called several times and left messages. No response. Assistant chief came by finally mid July. When he left he said he would get back when he could. I said we definitely want to pursue charges so he can get help. It is the first day of school and still no response.

My son has been so depressed and has had self esteem issues because of this. We don’t understand why they don’t help even though there is a brand new ordinance in Wisconsin.

  1. Have you been up to the school to talk with the principal and the teachers about what is going on? Writing an apology letter is a start but the punishment should have more severe like a detention or suspension. I would file a state complaint with the state education agency. This is ridiculous and your son should not have to suffer. School personnel should have been doing everything in their power to help your son. If you don;t get this issue resolved you may need to consider a different schooling placement. You can give the school a ten day notice that you are considering a private placement.

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