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Kelli:  Do parents have a right to what type of class their child is placed in even though the IEP team thinks differently?

  1. SD filed due process hearing. SD wanted to transition our son to public school. We disagree because of health reasons with doc notes. SD didn’t do assessment (our son is enrolled in NPS since 2009. What should be done? help

  2. Kelli –

    You do have a right to disagree with the Team’s decision. You also have the right to dispute the Team’s decision through a variety of dispute resolution options (notably mediation and due process hearings).

    But I think you are asking if your disagreement overrides the Team’s decision, and the answer to this is no.

    Again, you do have options if you disagree with the Team’s decision. Independent evaluation is often a good start for this. I encourage you to connect with your local parent center ( They can help you understand the rights that you do have, as well as the options you have when you disagree.

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