Twice-exceptional: NEED RESOURCES FOR 2e ADULTS

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Ruth: I am only just realizing that I am 2e, and am looking for community, information, and support in school/career. I am not a young adult.
Thank you

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03/05/2020 2:03 am

Hi Ruth – Diddo…as affirmed by my 11:50 pm CST searches for “adult 2e support forums.” In my experience, professional awareness of twice-exceptional or multi-exceptional people – let alone understanding or ability to help – is woefully limited. I’m struggling. I’m building up the energy to reach out to Intergifted for guidance. You might try Googling them, if you haven’t already. They have some really relatable content. In any case, if I come across an active adult 2e forum, I’ll try to find my way back here. When I’m not suffering as I am now, I hope I can apply my new mental & emotional energy to creating exactly what we’re both looking for now. Take care.

03/04/2016 7:37 pm

Check with your state parent training & information project. They can point you in the right direction.