Transportation: FAILURE TO NOTIFY

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Kathryn: I am the custodian of my grandson Aidan who attends an IU-13 class in another school district. Today after school his bus never arrived. After waiting a half hour for his bus I called the bus company. Apparently there was some kind of incident, but they didn’t know what the incident was, and the driver left him at the school. I then called the school he attends but their office was closed. I then called his home school district but they were also closed. 45 minutes after his bus was due I didn’t know where he was or who he was with. I was frantic and just started crying when my phone rang. It was a therapist who works with IU-13 and he told me he would be at my house in about 10 mins with my grandson.

My grandson is HFA and has difficulty verbalizing. When he doesn’t feel good he acts out. Whatever the incident was it was caused by his suffering of the stomach flu.

My question is who was at fault for not letting me know what happened and where my grandson was. It was a scary moment and I am very angry at not knowing whose care my grandson was in. Also the school staff and bus driver are aware I don’t have a car and had no way of driving to his school and picking him up.

  1. I’m sorry this happened to you and your grandchild. It sounds like someone should have a talk with this bus driver. If this is a pattern, I would request a meeting or ask for an aide to accompany him on the bus. Good luck!

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