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Lois: My ASD son auditioned and made the cut for the audition only jazz band in high school. He has the accommodation to have visual and auditory distractions reduced. The school is bringing nonverbal students into his audition only class for enrichment. The sounds the nonverbal students are making are setting him off causing him to have outbursts. They tell him to ignore it and that the nonverbal students have the right to FAPE and to sit in on his class. There are other band classes that aren’t audition only. They won’t budge. Having a hard time getting son to accept this because they didn’t have to audtion.

  1. Hi, I am not sure if you mean your son is having difficulty with the noise, or the fact that the other students did not have to audition, or both. Are there any alternatives you could work out for your son which could still allow him to participate, but reduce the impact of the noise? F.ex. My son uses headphones to lower or muffle the sound, but not eliminate it completely in his band class. He does not care for audiences, but understands that because he is in an advanced class, lots of people will admire that and want to listen to him. If the outbursts are a direct correlation to uncontrolled noise levels, perhaps you can keep a log and write your schools IEP leader and request a resolution.

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