Live Blogging from the Institute of Special Education Advocacy – Please Join Us!

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Wrightslaw is live blogging all week. We hope you will join us for Day 3 from the Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA).

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  1. Debbie, My son has ADHD as well and did test out of LD as well. However his ADHD did qualify him for a OHI IEP (Other health impaired IEP). I had to go to the school, get a consent form and a form for his neurologist to fill out diagnosing him with ADHD and had a meeting with the school to go over. We tried my son on a 504 plan but it did not work well. There seemed to be no accountability by the school for the accommodations he needed. Once we got him on the OHI IEP we were able to put the accommodations that he needed and the school followed it much better than the 504 plan.

  2. As an attendee I can attest to the powerful content of the entire week. I look forward to being able to share what I learned with my community in Northeastern CT. Every speaker was inspiring and I recommend this program to anyone that hopes to advocate for children.

  3. In Puerto Rico , exist several issue with due process hearing, and all process of Special Education, OSERS have issue several letter about this, we dont see consecuense. It is a struggle keep fighting for our rights. Almost everything have to be solve partially with a complaint, because no one wants to make desicions in an IEP meeting.
    What can I do to change minds and take responsability with a child witn special needs

  4. I have, thank you for the link. I had advocates that have attended almost all your workshops come from Norfolk attend IEP meetings and they told us no to everything which was just simply using her old IEP and military interstate compact. She failed a the whole school year without any supports and accommodations. I finally agreed to them extending her 4th quarter, she was also on home bound instruction and did geometry summer school at home, she passed with a B, but failed the sol. We have been told that she has to pass sols in order to receive a standard diploma. She also has to take a biology sol and I have no clue how she will manage that, because she had biology in 9th grade in Texas. I have read everything you have, I have worked with network navigators from vcu, attended a special education iep boot camp in quantico.

  5. Thank you so much for blogging the contents of this institute. This information is invaluable and I am so grateful for your willingness to post it. It’s the next best thing to being there in person 🙂

  6. Hello! My name is Hafeez and I am a legal advocate I have been lately advocating for my children, one of which has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder with anger issues and she have been failing in school for the last three years prior to her diagnose. We currently reside in California, I recently came into knowledge of a bill in California call AB 3236. Could you please take a little time if you can to explain what this bill may mean for the people in California, who has children without the type of mental disabilities that normally requires IEP but have mental issues that impede their educational needs. thank you.

  7. I agree with most post, however I have another question. How is Mrs Wright over all Virginia schools and her and Mr. Wright are fully aware of how these schools are, at what point does she do something about it? Doesn’t she have the power to keep these schools on their toes.?

    • Mildred – Can you clarify? Are you referring to Pamela Wright and Pete Wright of or perhaps Dr. Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Virginia?

  8. We are a military family in fort lee, va. We transferred here last summer with an updated iep from Alabama ,my daughter was a junior at prince George hs, they completely watered down her iep, and created an environment of failure. Why does it take me contacting the post command, making a congressional complaint, contacting 112th military caucus in order for her to receive comparable services? Why do they continue to do these things to all these children here on fort lee? And I even emailed Mrs. Wright and she never responded. The post command would also like for PG to be accountable. What will be done?

  9. My child was diagnosed with ADHD and Disgraphia at the end of last school year. I was told that his LD is not recognized by the schools and that he could not get an IEP but that he could get services with a 504 plan because of his ADHD. If their is no accountability with the 504, is there any way to force them to develop an IEP? My son had a IEP until he was 8 for a developmental disability and then the school said he tested out and didn’t need any services. They didn’t even realize he had ADHD, I had to have him tested with a professional outside the school system.

  10. Academic Director of small private girls school. the school is therapeutic. Many of students have learning issues and some have IEP’s. i have the flow of this now. comment: this is helpful. special education teachers are trained to write effective IEP’s. i agree with the speaker though, it still needs to be stressed. Many of the IEP’s have goals that are ok but without a means of getting it resolved and definitly not in a clear timely manner.

  11. I may have attended if ihad known about it-
    Just today, I think day 3 of the sessions I recv’d an email notice from Wrightslaw. Why not for day 1? Or a reminder that it was going on. Wrightslaw sends so many notices about “sales” on their products, but not so much about upcoming events such as this.

  12. Thanks for the blog. It seems as if the same issues continue to be priorities such as establishing relationships with the schools. Many of our schools in the US are not totally sensitive to the needs of children with disabilities. Parents are so frustrated when they visit the schools because sometimes the school personnel fail to be good listeners. Thanks again.

    • Veronica – This Institute is not broadcast online, but we will keep you updated with session overviews and summaries. You will learn more about what happens during Institute week, class sessions, networking, role play… You may find you want to consider attending ISEA 2013.

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