Day 4, Live Blogging from the Institute of Special Ed Advocacy


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wrightslaw is live blogging all week. We hope you will join us for Day 4 from the Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA).

Day 1    Day 2 & 3     Day 4    Day 5

Agenda for Today

  • Panel: Evidence Strategies by Parent Attorneys
  • Experts as Fellow Advocates
  • Preparing a Case for Due Process / Trial
  • Using Evaluations, Tests and Measurements as Evidence
  • Strategies for Working with Parents

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07/30/2012 1:25 pm

Ellen – I’m licensed in NY, live in CT and I’m blessed with a beautiful 6 year-old buy on the spectrum. My son’s school district started playing games with his FAPE this year. I was BLESSED to be one of those chosen to attend. I urge you or anyone else interested in this area of law to attend. The speakers were magnificent. Last week changed my life. It will definitely change my son’s life, now that I’m so much better equipped to handle the issues presented concerning my son and I hope to expand my practice to include special ed law to change the lives of others. Every speaker was extraordinary.

07/27/2012 8:13 am

How can I replay the webinar? Do you offer CLE credits recognized in NY?