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Jen:  In regards to double dipping and helping my iep kiddos, could it be the tutor or interventionist are paid by Title 1 monies making that the double dip issue?

  1. Scenario: A privately placed student’s IEP indicates that the child needs 1×30 minutes per week of services listed on the IEP. The child’s parents believe that the child needs support 2x per week. The public school eligibility team advised the parents that they could get services 1x per week through equitable services at their private school and then also go to the public school for that same 1×30 of services listed on the IEP.
    – Can this student access services 1×30 minutes/week at a public school (IEP) and a 2nd service 1×30 minutes at a private school (Equitable Services)? Does the public school need to indicate the second 1×30 service in writing (on the Service Plan)?
    – Would this be considered “Double Dipping”?
    – Also, are the IDEA services “supplemental” to the IEP services?

    • Yes — No — A service plan lists the services that the public school will provide to a student. It does not matter where the services are .provided. I would consider both services the same.

  2. Jen, Where did you hear about the “double dip” issue? The laws do not prohibit children from receiving services paid for by different funding streams or what you called “double-dipping.”

    We’ve answered this question on the Wrightslaw site. Go to
    You will see a search box on the top right side of each page. Put in the words “double dip” in the search box. You will get links to other articles about this concept.

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