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Can our school diagnostician give us the ARD paperwork via email? What are they legally responsible for providing to the teachers?

Our diagnostician gives us our ARD paperwork in a bundle which only includes the IEP, PLAAFP, Schedule page, and any supplements. Do they not have to give us the deliberations page? The deliberations page tells us other items we discussed in ARD and I feel teachers need this. What does the law require teachers receive from the school on the SPED student in their classroom? How long does the school have to give us this paperwork? sometimes it takes them two weeks before we get it.

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01/10/2017 4:10 pm

Parents have the right to all their child’s records. Ask the special ed director in writing for all records you want. TX does not have a timeline for giving ARD/IEP paperwork to parents. Some TX parents refuse to sign the paperwork or leave until they get it.
State rules say districts must ensure that each teacher who provides instruction to a student with disabilities has access to relevant sections of the current IEP, is informed of the their specific responsibilities related to implementation of the IEP, such as goals & objectives, & of needed accommodations, modifications, & supports for the student. District procedures would say how this will be done.
I work for the TX parent training & information project. You can contact me @