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Karen:  I have a 14 year old daughter who has been in sped since 1st grade. She is now a 9th grader and ever since she went to middle school in 6th grade she is constantly failing where her disability is in, math. She has dyslexia and all was done for reading nothing for math. Well for the past 3 years she has been pulled from her extra curricular activities because of failing her grades. I have questioned the schools for 4 years now wanting to know why a child in SPED is failing. I worked in SPED and did all I could for my students, why is it with her its okay to fail her. They are not meeting with the IEP plans and tell me well a child in SPED can fail. Really. Why even have an IEP. Why even have a tracking teacher who doesn’t do anything. My daughter now is suffering from anxiety/depression and panic disorder. Plus dyslexic and ADHD. In her IEP it says no speeches in front of class at her discretion. Well they made her do it anyways even after she said she didnt want to. Is what they are doing wrong?

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My daughter has a similar diagnoses and she received a special Math IEP due to her “trouble” understanding word problem that require multi-steps, etc. She was diagnosed with Dysgraphia in second grade–and I just KNOW she has dyscalculia (it’s like dyslexia for math–apologies to anyone who might be offended–had to water it down). I’m happy to share my daughter’s Math IEP–It worked in 6th grade, but she is failing in seventh, hence the newly revised Math IEP.


I have Narcolepsy(sleeping disorder), Graves Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety and depression and I’m currently “failing” school from being absent to go to appointments or from being sick. All of my teachers are supposed to know about my health. I’m only 13 and that’s really kind of dumb for me to do 8th grade again


Your state parent training & information center can assist you.


Grades: Can the general ed teacher put the student’a grades as “N-I” even though he earned “B” for writing?

My child has IEP and is in fourth grade. In Trimester 1, my child got “B” grade for writing as per Engrade website, but his general Ed teacher put “N-I” in the school report card. When I checked with her, she replies that because as per special ed teacher my son is not meeting the IEP goals, she cannot my son “B” grade which is earned by him as per assessment. Writing is only section where there is mismatch of grades between Engrade and school report card, whereas all other subjects grades are in align with two reportings.

I want to know what the general ed teacher is right?

Please help!


If the student is failing, is it always the school’s fault? I have seen (especially in middle and high school) kids fail despite the best effort of great case managers, administrators, mentors, etc. The IEPS are strong. There are many other factors such as “failing schools”, home life, truancy, behaviors, etc. At the high school level, it is a different “ball game.” Chuck, your insight would be great. As a para, mentor and advocate–in the inner city and suburbs, I have seen kids fail (I am talking about mostly high school) despite ALL the interventions. Worse, some my teacher friends were told to just “pass” them on so the school district will not get in trouble with the state. So, many graduated with low reading and math levels because they were “passed on.” It is sad.


If a student with a disability is failing, this usually indicates that what the school is doing is not working, & something different needs to be tried. Staff at your state parent training & information center can assist you.


Chuck, This may be the wrong thread but I was hoping you could guide me to some resources. I am a special education teacher who is receiving pushback from the Gen Ed teachers I work with. I am trying to tell them that they must follow the appropriate accommodations and modifications set for our students with special needs prior to marking my students with failing grades. They then must provide those services if they are currently not. I constantly offer my team’s support in training them on how to provide accommodations and modifications within the General Ed setting but they are always fighting me on providing those accommodations and modifications (when necessary)

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Pbro, I would think, & hope that your state special ed website would address this. Check the IDEA rule 300.323(d) Accessibility of child’s IEP to teachers and others. This specifically addresses what you are asking for. A school attorney knowledgeable in special ed law should be aware of this rule, & the teacher’s & district’s responsibility to make these things happen. Just showing them the rules on this may not produce a change if the principal & special ed director do not work with the staff. The district more than individual staff is legally liable for not following the IEP, although there is at least one case where a teacher was found guilty in a court for not following the accommodations.