Discipline: MY SON WAS HIT

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LaCreCia: A new student at at school has been nonstop trying to fight with my son. I have talked to the school and literally went to the parents house of the child not once but twice to end the feud. My son was hit then pulled a knife out on the boy on school grounds and used it as a scare tactic to get him away from him. My son went to the office to tell the principal what happened. He is being charged with 2 degree felony assault. After the fact I made it known that this boys had been bullying my son. So what can I do to get the charge lessened. Cause I know the knife on schools grounds is not permitted but at the same time my sons life matters to and him being bullied is not cool. I need some help. Someone give me some guidance. Thank u.

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LaCreCia – Is your child a child with a disability and an IEP? I couldn’t tell by your question. You can learn more about Behavior and Discipline in IDEA here: https://www.wrightslaw.com/info/discipl.index.htm