Discipline: MY SON WAS HIT

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LaCreCia: A new student at at school has been nonstop trying to fight with my son. I have talked to the school and literally went to the parents house of the child not once but twice to end the feud. My son was hit then pulled a knife out on the boy on school grounds and used it as a scare tactic to get him away from him. My son went to the office to tell the principal what happened. He is being charged with 2 degree felony assault. After the fact I made it known that this boys had been bullying my son. So what can I do to get the charge lessened. Cause I know the knife on schools grounds is not permitted but at the same time my sons life matters to and him being bullied is not cool. I need some help. Someone give me some guidance. Thank u.

  1. While my son didn’t have a weapon on him, he swore at a teacher after being called a liar, which escalated to the police being called and he was so distraught he tried to grab one of the policemen’s gun to kill himself. 2 felonies and 3 misdemeanors.
    He was 18 at the time.
    I would suggest a good disability lawyer. Since my son wasn’t in trouble before, he got a year probation. He had to pay a fine, see a PO every month and continue outside therapy.
    His charges were then expunged. That was our goal to get rid of the felonies that could effect his employment.
    Find a good attorney, try to get a plea deal, get his doctor, therapist, anyone that can help involved if he has any learning disabilities. Good Luck

    • Kathy, excellent advice from a mom who has been there. I know you had many sleepless nights.

      Pete was a juvenile probation officer for about 10 years before he went to law school. In his law practice, he represented many kids who were charged with offenses similar to your son.

      I recommend (and you mention this in your comment) that mom look for a criminal defense attorney w a good rep, ask him to help arrange for a thorough psych, educational and neuropsych eval of the boy. The atty is likely to know who does good evals.
      If this mom can’t find a disability lawyer, suggest she contact her state organization that protects people with disabilities – sometimes called “Disability Rights” or “Protection and Advocacy.”

  2. Contact Juvenile Probation office in your county. An Intake person can usually answer your questions.

    You are right when you say he can’t have a knife on school grounds. Period. Don’t argue that it was okay because “my son’s life matters and him being bullied is not cool.” You need to be firm about “no knife.”

    Assume he and the bully got in a fight and your kid used the knife to defend himself. He would be in a world of trouble.

    I volunteer as an advocate in my county court. Yesterday, I watched the sentencing of a 16 year old who killed an 18 yr old. He was found guilty of 2nd degree murder + sentenced to 30 yrs for 2nd degree murder + 3 yrs for using a firearm in a felony. One mother lost her beloved son. I’m afraid this boy won’t survive prison. Incredibly sad and a waste.

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