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Nancy:  My granddaughter has a chronic illness and was hospitalized for over 2 months. The school was supposed to send work but only 2 teachers did, the others said “No the work has to be done in class.” The school gave her failing grades because the work was not completed. We asked that the school provide an online program that they use for credit recovery instead of the failing grades, but they refuse, saying you have to fail first and those grades stay on your record. They now want her to do the credit recovery program and average it with her failing grades and to also attend school or receive homebound and do Semester 2 along with Semester 1 which she is medically not able to do at this time. The administrator at the ARD meeting continually says “I do not have the authority to allocate funds for Sped nor do I have the authority to say she can attend and use the online program to make up her grades instead of having the failing grades.” Can the District continue to force parents to pull their child out of the district and place and pay for a private online school?

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01/03/2017 11:50 am

I work for the TX parent training & information center. We can assist you. You can contact me at cnoe59@hotmail.com