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Brenda:  I am 58 and care for my 18 yr old severely autistic/mentally retarded son and my husband who is 80 percent disabled from a back injury. I asked my work for reasonable accommodations to be home by 420pm for school bus and no weekends. He is a consumer of IHSS and Regional center CALIFORNIA. They told me go to part time, I did, they said fill out availability, I did. They were good for a few weeks then they are back to weekends. Do I have rights? Ps. Major pharmacy employee. I have worked there for 15 years.

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01/05/2017 8:59 am

Talk to human resources. What has been the pattern of them accommodating you for 15 years in this situation. I know people who do a lot of shift work who have kids. Those jobs, the nature of some of them, are only flexible to a point. For example, with shift work, one may get “stuck” if the next shift person does not come in. What would you do if you were “stuck” at your current job and “not leave” on time and miss his bus? Always have a back up plan. There is an adult already at home (your husband). You mentioned you cannot work weekends in an industry where weekends are mostly required. Check out after school resources for him, weekend care, adult day care options, employment training. Above all, take care of yourself practice self care techniques as you are not alone.