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Sp.Ed.Mom:  What arguments can I use to convince a school district that my child, who admittedly has mild ID, can still be taught-and learn-grade level curriculum? They believe all kids with DS belong in the Life Skills program (certificate track) and just refuse to teach them appropriately. Kids with DS are getting diplomas in non-public placements with the right accommodations, modifications and pacing but it’s just not happening in the public schools; instead they don’t meet their needs, cause them to fail and have behavior problems and then force them out of. gen. ed.

  1. Sped Ed Mom, have you had your child tested by an evaluator in the private sector? If the answer is “no,” contact your state Down Syndrome organization and ask for recommendations of evaluators who are good with kids who have DS.

    As you know, you are dealing with educators who need to update their knowledge and belief systems. They may not be aware of what’s happening in nonpublic schools. They may not know that kids w DS can and do learn to read, get driver’s licenses, get jobs in the community, and learn to live independently. A good evaluator is in a stronger position to educate the educators about these issues, in addition to your child’s needs.

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