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Susan:  Been asking for dob 9/7/2008 son to put him back 1st grade. In Oct 2016 School refused and put in small group for maturity and social reason for the Spring. Came end school I asked again to refused as appearing for hearing with superintendent .
The lack of communication and follow up from their side has been weak.
He is the smallest and youngest child and will 7years old when entering 3rd grade. We also believe he has ADHD. His preschool friends all May-Aug did not enter kindergarten instead they went to state funded program transitional kindergarten that was advised which I refused. Now when I am trying to make this things right my son to go to school with peers instead of the older kids next year they refused again.
His previous year there have been bullying incidents , behavior issues( expectation not met in all 4 marking periods) I need a lawyer. What can I do?

  1. Does he have an IEP? Do you think he needs one? Has he been evaluated for ADHD or anything else? Please note that your child’s primary healthcare provider can at least screen for ADHD, and many pediatricians and family practitioners can provide an ADHD diagnosis.

    Getting a lawyer doesn’t always solve everything like magic. I’d encourage you to send a letter or email to the school outlining your concerns, and asking for a meeting. Contrary to what many districts project to parents, it IS possible to have a meeting during the summer.

    • Sophie’s right – getting a lawyer doesn’t solve all problems and may create new ones.

      Pete did consultations for many years. He estimates that only 1 out of 10 parents needed an attorney. Most parents need a better understanding of their child’s educational problems and needs and they needed a plan. The key was to get quality evaluations on the child. In some cases, it was helpful for the parent to have a lawyer in the background.

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