Educational Records: HOW TO GET A COPY OF MY OLD IEP

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Tina:  How does a person get a copy of their IEP from their old school in 1987?

  1. Hi, I’m trying to obtain my IEP from when I was in high and the assistant principal tells me that they don’t have one on file from my school year. Is that even possible? I really need my IEP.

    • I just called the Committee On Special Ed in NYC (for District 3) and was told the student ID # I gave is over seventeen years old and there are no records available. That person (ID#) is out of the system. I have no idea where to go next.

      • School districts are not required to keep records forever. It’s likely that the records have been legally destroyed. Our state only requires records to be retained for 5 years after graduation.

  2. How does a non-custodial parent with joint legal custody rights to access child’s medical and educational records obtain copies of IEP reports? He is in a private church preschool that doesn’t ending have a special education department. The custodial parent is refusing access and so is his speech therapist. We are in Ga.

    • Diana, No. The school is required to provide you with a copy of your child’s IEP at no cost to you.

      The school is also required to provide you with a copy of any evaluation report and documentation of your child’s eligibility for special education at no cost to you.

  3. I see am not the only one with this dilemma. I am try to get my old IEP from my grade school in IL, and my high school. I have talk to them and was told that records are not available anymore with them. Would they have been with transcript from high school to the college level. Would the first college I attended have a copy it?
    Iam in need of help. The school and program that i am in will not granted me all of my accommodation due to their interpretation of the accommodation . I have never had this problem before. I am just trying to further my education, and my have hit a big road block.
    Where do i go from here???
    Can anyone help, or point me in the write direction?

    • I will like a copy of my IEP My name Is Tammy Lynn Chavis My maiden name is Tammy Lynn Bell MY OLD elementary school was name Frederick elementary school location Fredrick elementary is on Fredrick avenue Baltimore MD 21223 I Remember That when I was going there I Was Tested for disabilities The Year 1989 please call or email me Thank you

  4. Hi, My name is Amanda, and I’m trying to track down old IDD testing, iam diagnosed, on my transcripts says exempt from TAAS, how can I get my documents to verify my evaluation……

    • Based on some of the comments I have seen here, it sounds like you should keep them forever. It looks like people are needing records from 20 plus years ago so it would be helpful to your son if you held onto them.

  5. Hi I got tested in school And diagnosed with a learning disability in the 4th grade I’ve had an IEP since the 6th grade would I get my records at my elementary school or high school and how would I go about that? I need to show proof to my work that I have a learning disability and I’ve been out of school for over 20 yrs thanks

    • Start with the district special ed office. They are allowed to destroy some records after a number of years, but may have a record that you were served.

    • I suggest starting with your district central office. Or your district website may tell how to go about doing this.

  6. Hi, my name is Fiona Nguyen. I graduated high school in 2016 from Sheldon High School. I was an IEP student since 7th Where I attended T.R. Smedberg Middle School. By any you or they’d still have a copy of it because the DSPS office at Sac City College requires me to have some type of paperwork prove to show I have disabilities.

    • Hi Fiona: You can write a letter to the school district administrative office to request your education records. The law that authorizes students to obtain their records is the Family Education Records Privacy Act.

      The purposes of FERPA are twofold:
      * to ensure that parents have access to their children’s educational records and
      * to protect the privacy rights of parents and children by limiting access to these records without parental consent.

      You can learn more about FERPA here:

  7. I’m 30 years old and I’m 504, I graduated in 2008. I recently been at GCU for a year-and-a-half I would like paper stating that I am 504 and I would like records and accommodations that I need where in Texas can you get these records from I’ve tried my district they don’t have any after 10 years they demolish these. Someone please help

    • If the school does not have this, then it likely no longer exists unless your family or a teacher would have a copy. If you need this for college accommodations, you can ask the center that works with individuals with disabilities what is needed. You may be able to be evaluated by someone on their staff or in the community. If this is for a work situation, you can ask the appropriate department. Good luck.

  8. I live in staten island new your I’m trying to get my IEP record so I can get acomadations on the Tasc /GED test I tried calling the last school I attended but they dont have it. They told me to call the department of education but it’s the worng number I keep calling if anyone has any ide would be helpful thanks

  9. i graduated in 2000- and im in college now 2020 my high school don’t know if they would have them any more how would i go about it if i can’t find them?

    • Student records are governed by state law. Most states have laws about maintaining student records and regulations that address various issues about records – for example, how long should the school keep records after the student graduates.

      The correct answer to your question varies by state. Your state departments of education and agencies in charge of record maintenance may be able to help.

    • Kevin, I am not sure where you are in the process. However, some colleges will provide educational evaluations as some students start college with suspected disabilities that impact learning that were not fully evaluated or caught in high school. If you cannot obtain your IEP, contact your local college (or large university) disability office for recommendations on how to proceed. For example, the Rutgers University link provides an outline how current students may obtain evaluations on campus. If you are a veteran, check with your local VA Health Center. A recent evaluation will give you more current and relevant insight.

    • Joy, you don’t say if you are a student in a K-12 pubic school now, or if you are no longer in school. If you are currently a student, and are 18 or older, you can request to access/view your education records. Your IEP team should provide your parent with copies of your IEPs.

      If you are no longer a student, the situation is more complicated. Student records are governed by state law and regulations. As I mentioned in my response to Kevin, your state department of education may be able to help.

  10. My daughter was diagnosed with autism i in the year 2000she graduated from high school 2015 she’s in college how can I get a copy of her IEP from the state of California so she can get help in college the college want her IEP stating that she does have autism.

    • The district or high school she graduated from should have this. States set rules on how long certain records must be kept.

    • Check with the special ed department of the school you attended, if you have not done so. There is a number of years that they must keep certain records.

  11. Does any now how to obtain evaluation/testing, IEP records from 1990 thru 1994 in New York City?? I’m looking for anything to validate my memories of being tested, counseling, etc. while in public school.

  12. How can I obtain my IEP. Graduated 2006. Call my school department, said they get rid of them every 7 years.. Is there still a way or am I screwed?

    • They are to keep records that show a person was served thru special ed, & perhaps the disability, but not the IEP. Ask them what records they do have.

    • Gabriela you could write a letter to the school district with identifying information – full name, DOB, schools attended if your graduation is recent they may still have it somewhere on file. You can also check with the special education office of the district you attended.

  13. Tina, you could write a letter to the school district with identifying information – full name, DOB, schools attended.

    But 30 years have passed. Schools are allowed to destroy old education records. I’m not optimistic that your old IEP exists.

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