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Erica:  My sons first grade teach asked me to get my son evaluated. If he is placed in Speech Therapy will he have an IEP? Does an IEP follow my child throughout?

  1. If I have an IEP on different circumstances and get evaluated for speech, can I refuse to do speech as a child

    • If you are 18, you can make decisions but if under, your parents will decide. Most districts; however, will not allow you to pick and choose your services.

  2. If your son met your state’s criteria for a speech/language impairment and the evaluation team decided that specialized instruction is necessary–then yes, the school district will provide you with an IEP. You have the right to accept or reject the IEP services for your son. In most states a student’s continued eligibility for services is re-evaluated at least once every 3 years. Sometimes a student is dismissed from special education as a result of the re-evaluation. Sometimes students continue to qualify for an IEP. The question about continued eligibility comes up again in no longer than 3 years. Some students have an IEP throughout their school careers. Others have special education for various amounts of time depending on their progress and what level of support they need.

    • I have an 18 year old student that does not have an IEP but would like to be tested for speech. Do I need to schedule a full evaluation for her or can we just do a speech/langauge evaluation and provide her with a 504 plan?

      • She can request to be evaluated (as she is 18, she would need to initiate the referral and sign any consent forms). If she qualifies, she would get an IEP for Speech.

        • If it is for speech Eligible Only does the whole team need to be involved or can only speech receive referral. For example only the r is off with no educational impact

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