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Frank:  Colleges are requesting my (HS senior) son have a recent Woodcock Johnson test done for appropriate accommodations. He has an IEP. His high school said they are not obligated to perform the test. I have been told HS is legally obligated to ensure a smooth transition to higher education. Please advise. Thank you.

  1. Frank –

    If your child has an IEP, the school is obliged to help prepare your child for their transition to adulthood. If testing is needed to help determine what services and supports your child needs to them prepare, then the school district has a responsibility to provide them.

    But if the testing is needed for some other purpose – like apply to college or preparing to take ACTs/SATs – the school district would likely not have a responsibility to provide them.

    You may instead try working with your local vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency to provide the testing. Here’s some info about VR services:

  2. Regarding the IEP, specifically… according to IDEA, a student’s IEP must be accessible to every teacher/staff who is responsible for its implementation. This is different from having access to the student’s entire student record, and may be a more appropriate “level” of access for some teachers.
    IDEA applies to public schools, as well as private schools when a student has been placed there by the LEA. It may also apply to all private schools in states where eligible students receive an IEP instead of a services plan.
    If the private school is covered by FERPA and IDEA, this hopefully answers your question! If the school is not covered, perhaps use this information as guidance when discussing the issue with administration.

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