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Virginia:  The school is sending my son to another school for 45 days for an extended evaluation. What does that mean?

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10/16/2019 9:39 am

My daughter was evaluated in January of 2019 and found ineligible despite below average scores. I am now (10/19) requesting additional testing. Is it considered an extended evaluation or an initial? Are there guidelines around extended evaluations?

10/16/2019 2:17 pm
Reply to  Tara

It would be an initial since she has never been found eligible.

02/02/2019 8:29 am

Is there a difference between assessments? as in Residential Assessment and just a regular assessment?

02/04/2019 2:00 pm
Reply to  Eva

Depending on who is using the term, & the situation, it can. Some people make a distinction between evaluation, & assessment. Residential assessment could mean an evaluation done in a 24 hour (residential) setting. Your state parent training and information may be able to assist you. http://www.parentcenterhub.org/find-your-center

Jill G
01/05/2016 5:57 pm

Here in Mass, extended evaluations are fairly common. If you live here, know that the school cannot complete this process without your consent. See 603 CMR 28.05(2)(b) for additional protections (http://www.doe.mass.edu/lawsregs/603cmr28.html).

If you live in another state, rules will be different and you may want to contact your local parent center for guidance.

No matter where you live, I encourage you to ask your home school for more information about the extended evaluation process. Some questions you may want to ask include
– what do they hope to gain from this process?
– what areas will be assessed?
– what will the experience look like for your son?
– how can you provide input into the process?

Jill G
01/05/2016 5:57 pm

As I said, the extended evaluation is immersive. This means that your son will attend this other school as if he was a student there. He will participate in academic and non-academic programming, and may receive related services.

His performance will be observed and monitored by a variety of professionals. They may provide him with different interventions or test different strategies with him. Think of this as basically a long-term informal assessment. The school may also complete formal assessments while he is there, especially if his home school did not complete any.

At the end of this process, the results of the extended evaluation will be used to develop his IEP and determine a placement – just like a typical evaluation.

Jill G
01/05/2016 5:57 pm

Virginia –

An extended evaluation is an immersive evaluation process for students with extensive needs. The purpose of the extended evaluation is to figure out what type of supports, services, and placement will meet the student’s ongoing needs.

It may be proposed when a school has gone through a typical evaluation process and the results are inconclusive. Or it may be proposed in lieu of this process, if the school feels they lack the expertise to complete the evaluation in-house.

I have seen this process used most often with students with social-emotion disabilities or autism, especially if these involve behavioral challenges, but it could be used with any student whose needs are intensive and unclear.

05/16/2018 10:56 pm
Reply to  Jill G

My family have a couple of questions.
Do I have the right to approve the 45 day school my son is being sent to?
If the are less than 45 days left to the school year and my son has not been placed what are my options for my son to complete the school year at his current school?