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Carla: My son flunked out of college and I don’t know where to send him that will support his learning differences. He has been diagnosed with ADD inattentive type. I sent him to a college that was suggested by the Office of Disability Services at his high school last year but it didn’t offer enough support and guidance for him. I am also working with the Department of Vocational Rehab Services in Illinois, but I don’t know what else to do to help him. He wants to go to college, but I truly believe that he doesn’t know how to succeed at school. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Some schools offer more support and accommodations for special needs students than others. Your son may benefit from this guide: that details the process of self-advocating and receiving necessary accommodations from online colleges. He may find it easier and less distracting to study from home. I am an adult with ADD and I wish that many of these programs and services had been available for me when I needed them. Best of luck, I hope that your son is able to get back to work on his degree soon.

  2. My son goes to community college. He works with the department for special needs and they put accommodations and modifications on a form that the teachers’s need to sign. My son is responsible for getting the form signed but the teacher’s have no problem doing it. My son is dyslexic and had difficulty writing. Without this he would not pass the classes in college. He took longer to get through college but he is almost done with an associate’s degree. Go back to the department of special needs at the college and see what they are willing to do. For my son, they based these items from his high school IEP.

  3. Colleges offer a wide range of support and some have specialized programs for LD and ADD/ADHD. With that being said, your son had a difficult school year. Look at summer programs that may help build his confidence. Many colleges offer summer programs that may interests him. Some colleges that come to mind are: Mercyhurst, Curry, Landmark. See link below and also consider hiring a consultant. Community colleges are also a great transition to college.

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