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Rachel:  Can a child receive an IEP with related services only? If they have had comprehensive testing in all areas and the only area of significant need is in the area of OT and PT, is the child still eligible for an IEP? Can the child be denied services even if the testing identified significant deficits and needs? Any help, guidance and references to site would be appreciated.

    • IDEA rule 300.8(a)(2)(ii) allows a state to determine that a specific related service by itself can make a student a child with a disability. In Texas this is the case with speech pathology.

  1. An IEP can be written as needed for the child. The answer to your question is yes they can. The child should not be denied services.

  2. Rachel –

    That depends on the definition of special education in your state law. What IDEA specifically says (in the regs at §300.39): “Special education includes… speech-language pathology services, or any other related service, **if the service is considered special education rather than a related service under State standards**”

    So, you can have an IEP with “only” related services and no specially-designed instruction if your state includes related services as part of its definition. I encourage you to contact your local parent center for help determining if your state’s definition is inclusive of related services (

    If your state’s definition is not inclusive, the child in question may be eligible for assistance under Section 504.

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