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Concerned Mom:  Our school district IN WV, started this year by placing all of the Autism kids at one school and all of the BD kids at another. This is done at elementary, intermediate, and middle school. They say it’s due to cost. Is this allowed? Our school district does receive federal funding and are title one schools.

  1. This may be allowed. It’s hard to say without more information. Are the students in a separate classroom? Does this include ONLY students who have been placed by their IEP in the separate classroom? If yes, this is probably okay. Districts are allowed to have separate classrooms for students with similar characteristics and needs. The decision to place a student within such a classroom must be an individual decision made by the student’s IEP Team, and based on his/her needs as outline in the IEP. Districts are generally left to decide which schools will house these classrooms, as long as the location may give the student access to typical age-appropriate peers.

  2. If a district has more than one type of classroom at the same level (for example, two elementary classrooms using an ABA model), it’s pretty common to see them grouped within the same school. This is also usually okay, as long as they’re not all grouped together and away from other classrooms. Are these general education classrooms? Does this truly include ALL students within the disability category, regardless of their needs or the content of their IEP? Is the decision made by someone other than the student’s IEP Teams. These scenarios would likely not be okay. I would encourage you to contact either your state’s Dept of Education or the Office for Civil Rights at the federal Dept of Education.

  3. Thanks for the replies. The students are main streamed. My concern is due to all 7 elementary schools BD students are in my son’s school. I have seen the stress of all of the BD population in one school on the staff and students. My son’s class is constantly disrupted because 2-3 times a week teachers are having to leave the classrooms to chase students who are running away from school, students shout the F word, C word, and other explicit language multiple times per day (directed to teachers and students) This is a second grade classroom! My son has an IEP due to ADHD and OT needs and he has always enjoyed school, but no longer does because he is afraid of many of his peers. I support inclusion and every student’s right to an education, yet my son and many others children are not able to get the education they need due to the continual disruptions, students running away, and extreme disrespect and language in the classroom. It seems this just can’t be right…

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