Classification: OHI NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN 2017?

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Laura: One of the parents that I work with was told the OHI category was going to be taken away as a special education eligibility category, as of January 2017. We are in Florida. I have not been able to find any information to verify this. Does anyone know if new federal legislation was passed that discontinued OHI? Thank you.

  1. Amy and Chuck are right. OHI is a disability category in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the federal special education law. The law was reauthorized in 2004, no significant changes on the horizon. I’m curious about the source of this mis-information too.

  2. As a school psychologist, I am sure I would have heard of such a monumental change to the federal special ed law –and I haven’t. I agree with Chuck and it makes sense to try to find out the original source of this “rumor”.

  3. Such a change would take a congressional bill, & no bill has been introduced to my knowledge regarding the IDEA. It might be interesting to try to find the sources of this comment.

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