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Stacy:  What is the maximum percentage of special education students placed in an inclusive classroom?

  1. Can anyone answer the question above for the state of California? What is the maximum percentage/number of special education students that can be placed in an inclusive classroom?

  2. What if you have a student that has an iep for separate classroom setting and is a danger to others in the classroom but school is not following it thus placing all in danger and a non learning environment?

    • If using the district complaint process does not help, a complaint to the state education agency can be maide.

  3. I believe there is no set number of hours. I only say this because we are in a situation where our 17 year was denied her general education service minutes even though it’s written in her IEP. The district has said it’s part of her SDI yet although it is the general education time is pulled out of the overall SDI minutes. However, they need to give the student access or at least offer them choices for general education. They can’t limited them unless the team (including the parents) feel the student would not benefit educationally, or socially in that class or program.

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