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Jacqueline: Is the LEA responsible for a child’s education if he/she attends a Charter School, in the town of the LEA? Where does legal responsibility lie, with identifying/Child Find, FAPE, and implementing the IEP?
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  1. I am really concerned I am aparaprofessional, but due to poor adminship I a pulled from my assignment from my classroom and students to cover or sub for my fellow absent co-workers within the same department. I fully am aware that Is now illegal, but the do not get coverage for my students is that illegal for a special Ed teacher to not have the support staff that they are suppose to have in order to have a successful classroom or per ed code?

    • Bebe, I suggest that you & the teacher communicate this situation to the district special ed director.

    • At many schools, paraprofessionals have assignments but may get reassigned and pulled due to coverage issues, etc. I have seen teachers advocate to keep paras in their classrooms and even negotiate to keep certain paras “out” of their classrooms. At the end of the day, administrators make the “call” as they see the bigger picture such as being short staffed, emergencies, paras credentials as some have more training and degrees in certain fields, etc. Is this legal–it all depends on the state rules, etc. I know paras who had to manage several kids at one time who specifically had 1-1 aide listed on their IEPs. It is very frustrating as a para to be stuck in a situation where the administration is not telling the parents that 1-1 may mean just putting your kid in a group with one para.

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