Transportation: WHO CAN OVERRIDE AN IEP?

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Megan:  Our son’s IEP states door-to-door transportation. Our new school district, specifically the transportation department, is refusing this as we live in a new construction development and construction is still going on. They are also stating that they will not send buses into neighborhood’s with cul-de-sacs or onto streets that have not been dedicated with the township. Is it legal for the district and transportation to override what is written in the IEP?

    • I’m having a similar issue

      My daughter is 8 and mentally a toddler. She also has physical disabilities, like muscle weakness throughout her entire body and a g-tube. She can’t walk far and is very unsteady on her feet, so we got her a handicap placard so on trips to the store she doesn’t have to walk as far. She’s been on disability since birth. Transportation is refusing to pick her up at our home even though it’s in the IEP. Now she’s missing school this week since our car was totaled. Please help, I’m desperate. I’m sorry I couldn’t figure out how to make my own topic/post

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