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Mary:  Can a school change the structure of a classroom from a coteach to a regular ed without an ARD?

I have a 13 year old who is in all co teach classes. My son is adopted and has Fetal Alcohol syndrome with many delays. He also has an auto immune disease that seems to be triggered by high stress. School is removing co teacher and my son will now be receiving his instruction from the reg ed teacher.  His ARD paperwork says that he will be in a coteach for this subject and that his grades and modifications will come from the coteacher. The District even outlines that coteach services are provided from bell to bell. I understand that they need to move the coteacher because he is needed elsewhere on campus, but shouldn’t they put in a replacement coteacher? Is it right to ask a child to move to another class after he is already established for the school year because they pulled his services? To me it seems like a staffing issue that shouldn’t affect my son or his placement. The services and classroom that we agreed upon were for the school year not until they decide to move a teacher. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, God bless!

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09/26/2016 11:36 am

You have a good understanding of the rules that apply. I suggest sending a letter/email to the special ed stating the situation & requesting that co-teaching continue in accordance with his IEP. I work with the TX parent training & information project. We can provide you with support. You can find our staff that works in your area at