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Kielin:  I am the BCBA for my client’s home team. I have observed him in his general ed classroom several times throughout the year. He is moving to their self contained classroom and now the district is saying that I can no longer observe him in class due to confidentiality issues with the other students. Is this correct? We use the information gained from the classroom to guide our home program so that it further supports what he needs to do in the classroom. He needs significant additional practice to master skills. The time spent on skill acquisition in the classroom is not enough. Coordination between school and home is imperative for his success.

  1. We are having the same problem with the BCBA requesting to observe our grandson in his classroom. Our Public School in Michigan will not allow such a visit. Where can we get assistance to make this observation happen?

  2. Unfortunately, this is something schools often tell BCBAs. The “school’ must adhere to protecting the confidentiality of each student. As long as the school is not sharing any information with you or any other student both you and the school remain compliant. Furthermore, as a Board Certified Behavior Consultant, you not only have an obligation to observe (and work in the classroom if needed) but, the school is directly hindering you from doing your job. This is also discriminatory. Unless they have the same policy for district (& contracted) OTs, Speech & Language Therapist, Counselors, MFTs, School Psychologists, etc.; they are discriminating and prolonging/preventing your client from making needed progress and obtaining appropriate services.

  3. This is a common misconception that some schools have. On this page check the Q & A database for classroom observations. Also google this on the homepage.

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