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Dana:  In our state we have a non unique testing accommodation for computer based testing (CBT) which allows students to have a “reading passage booklet” for the reading CBT. This booklet only contains the passages and not the questions. This paper text then allows for highlight, text marking, etc. and then the student answers the CBT questions on the computer. The student(s) have classroom accommodations of: reading booklet, colored highlighter, diagramming/graphic organizers, text marking. I have administered this test before and know there is not an option for varied color highlighting, they cannot text mark, and any comments must be written in a “notes” pop box that does not stay open. In class we use paper based strategies for about 80% of the time and students use the strategies wholly and have made great progress. However, the testing and reading programs for practice the students do not make progress (three different programs demonstrate this here at the mid year and historically with these same individual students). I requested the testing accommodation for the “reading booklet” and was told by administration my students do not qualify; however, according to the State manual they do. It states “passage booklet accommodations may also be used for accommodations that cannot be implemented on CBT. For example, students may use various highlighting, underlining, diagramming or mapping strategies that cannot be accomplished on the CBT”. My administration will NOT allow me to speak with the parent or call an IEP meeting. WHO DO I CALL ABOVE DISTRICT LEVEL TO GET FACTS/INFORMATION ON THIS?

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01/13/2017 3:52 pm

The special ed, or state assessment departments of your state education agency should be able to help you. They may also have info on their website.