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Dee:  My son is senior with ADHD and OHI, quiet and shy. He is to graduate in 4 weeks. His assistant principal called me today to tell me he is kicked out of school for the rest of the year. He can not go to prom, attend his IEP meeting or be on campus for any reason. Apparently he cursed his track coaches out and got in their face. He had taken about 6 yr old ADHD meds because he couldn’t find his which was a lesser dose. They told me to come pick his work up, they will allow him to graduate and attend graduation practice.
My son only attends school every other day now. The asst said he is suspended for 9 days.

I contacted the principal for a meeting because I think the punishment is too harsh. He is kicked off team. suspended for rest of year, not allowed at prom and not allowed at school for his last IEP Meeting. Asst principal said if he comes to school property he will be arrested for trespassing. I don’t think it is legal to deny him the right to attend this meeting.  I just think the punishment was excessive.

  1. Dee –

    Although I have not know of any students in such a situation, I have know parents who were prohibited from school grounds. In these cases, the school provided them with other ways they could participate in the Team meeting – such as letting them call in.

    I encourage you to ask the assistant principal to provide your son with other means to participate.

    • Greetings,
      I have worked in Special Education and I’m familiar with cases such as your particular situation. With that said until what is called a MDR(Manifestation Determination Review) meeting is held to see if the disability was the cause of the incident and in this case the medications may play a part in this decision. Rendering the initial consequences inappropriate. This will be a team decision and that all parties must be in agreement. I recommend you have an attorney look into this and have them present at your meeting with you agenda as well as any documentation for this might end up in court. Hope this helps, remember don’t let these LEA(local education agencies) or in this can the school system dictate to you their agenda. This is why we have Federal law.

      • Elbert gives great advice and to follow it carefully. In the cases I have witnessed and seen as a para, the students have caused such issues that it is a relief to the teachers/district to suspend them in this manner. By doing so towards the end of the year, they are not disruptive to the general classroom and cultural climate at the school. If they are seniors, it is easier for the teachers/ etc. to finish the year without issues from such a student. In other words, it is a strategy and sometimes used wisely with the most disruptive senior students who act out towards the end of the year -the LEA use it to maintain calm and safety at end of year events. In this day and age, staff and student safety are important also and must be considered.

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