Section 504: CAN 504 PLAN INCLUDE A TSS?

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Patti:  Can a 504 plan include a tss in school through wrsp around services or is an iep required?

  1. Patti –

    I’m in Massachusetts, and here wraparound services are provided through our state medicaid system. Eligibility for such services is determined through clinical diagnosis of an emotional/behavioral disability by a behavioral health clinician.

    This system is entirely separate from the public school system. So a child could received wraparound services regardless of whether they have been found eligible for an IEP or 504 plan.

    There is obviously a lot of overlap between these populations. And when a child has an IEP or 504 Plan and receives wraparound, there is certainly some communication and care coordination going on. But the wraparound services are not provide in schools.

    I’m sure this answer is not universal and may not apply at all where you are, so I suggest that you get some local support. Your local parent center (, F2F Health Info Center (, or local parent to parent program ( are good bets!

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