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Lilo: My son has transferred from a NPS (most restrictive environment where his needs were such that allowed / justified him having a 1:1 for the 4 years he was there) to a less restrictive county placement. The 1:1 is listed in his IEP, has been for years. When he transferred last month, a “transitional” 1:1 was put in place, but it was specified to me that this was for transitional concerns. His IEP with the new school is in two weeks and I am afraid they are going to take measures to fade out the need for a 1:1. I would like to get advice on what constitutes the right to continue with a 1:1 in place. He is 13, low functioning / intellectual disability, has autism, behavior disorder – possible AD/HD, severe apraxia although somewhat verbal therefore speech/language delayed, epilepsy.

  1. On this home page google one on one aide. You will find articles that provide the information that you are looking for.

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