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Shawn: Exceptionally gifted, adhd-combined severe, odd – meets criteria. 4th grade. We have worked to provide him with teachers that will be the best mix, went to all the right doctors, made sure meds were given at the right time, found the right counselor and I did all I could to follow the recommendations of the gifted teacher wife/mom. Clearly not enough. We are told he is too high level, too lazy, too disorganized.

Other than my wife quitting teacher to educate our son, our last option, what can we do to make sure his needs are met?

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Shawn –

Have you asked for an evaluation for special education eligibility? That would be my next step, if I was in your place.

It’s possible that a 504 plan could meet your son’s needs (it’s not clear if he already has one), or maybe he needs an IEP. Both require a comprehensive evaluation before he can be found eligible. Both can provide needed services and supports to students with disabilities. But having an IEP confers the student and his parent with superior procedural protections.

If the school completes the evaluation for special education eligibility and finds him ineligible, the same testing can be used to create a 504 plan.

While you wait for the school to respond, I encourage you to connect with your local parent center to learn about your rights.