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Elana:  The team recommended 6/8 RR periods per cycle to address written expression delays in a 2E student with an IEP . The RR is in a group setting, no other students attend honors or AP classes. My son complains that he cannot get help he needs and that the other students are low functioning and distracting. The teacher is rigid and uses strategies that do not address his needs. Rapport is not built as well. He stopped attending as he found it wasteful , humiliating, and stressful. He communicated with the RR teacher that his needs are not met. Last year he received 1:1 RR off the record. Grades were better. The new teacher offered this but only at 6:30 am (outside of the school day, he cannot wake up that early due to age/meds). School blames his attendance. Meanwhile they acknowledge offering 1:1 at their convenience.

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Jill G
04/06/2016 2:56 pm

Elana –

I suggest that you begin by asking for a Team meeting to discuss the issues with this support class. At the meeting, have your son talk about where he needs help and why the help being offered is not working – it’s often more powerful if the school hears it directly from a student (you can help him prep beforehand). Ask what other solutions the Team can find to help meet his needs.

If no new solutions are offered, I suggest that you ask for an reevaluation of the area of concern.